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Philippines best water

As you know drinking water is delivered by water suppliers from your neighborhood right to your home. Bottled water delivered in gallons which fit to your water suspender. Tab water in the Philippines is simply not the best drinking water for several reasons but nowadays, since science has moved on bottled water appears to be the better choice anyway, because as scientists have found out, as soon water runs through pressurized pipes it looses quality.

Bottled water for drinking and cooking

Bottled water is the Philippines best water. It comes in different qualities. The most common used and sold water is the purified water. Mineral water which is already enriched with mineral elements and the alkaline water which is considered to be the best and most healthy water is vitalized and is the water which comes nearest to nature.

Alkaline water is enriched with zinc, magnesium, calcium and potassium and therefor known as healthy water. It neutralizes free radicals and beside it's healthy effects for our human body, it simply tastes rich and fresh which makes it best for drinking and cooking.

Alkaline water in the Philippines

Alkaline water in the Philippines is produced and delivered by the People's Water company at Mactan Island and since Mary and I found out so much more about it, we do use their water as table water for our daily consumption.

And one more tip from Klaus to all coffee and tea drinkers, if you use the People's Alkaline water, you will taste the difference. The website of People's water is very resourceful and informative as well.


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