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Stone casted plant towers

We recently discovered that there are stone casted plant towers, which do last long, having a great timeless design are leight weighted and give such a endless variety of design and arrangements so they will look never like somewhere else. Simple and unique.

The basic colours of stone casted product manufactured by Castanove here in the Philippines are cream, grey and black. The plant towers leightweights, due to the fine mixture of materials. A combination of grounded lime stone, fibreglass laminate and water resistant synthetic resin.

Handcrafted stonecast products of the Philippines, plant towers and furnitures

Every single stonecast product of Castanove is a unique piece of art. Not just decorative to make your private garden, front porch or backyard shine, the stone planters are available in various sizes and designs to make them easy to fit into your office or restaurant.

You may want to visit the website of Castanove to find out what other great designs and products can be made out of stone. Creative ideas and decorative designs this is what you get.

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How do you like the idea of stone casted plant towers and furnitures? Have you seen such great idea before?