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Restaurants in the Philippines and in Cebu

Restaurants in the Philippines

Few years ago the restaurants in the Philippines dominated by Asian cuisines but nowadays the picture has changed. Restaurants in the Philippines offer a variety of international cuisines. German restaurants, Swiss and Italian restaurants, Greek and french restaurants can be found at least in Manila and Cebu. To find an American styled Steak house with high quality Black Angus steaks is not that hard anymore.

Asian and Philippine restaurants are still most popular restaurants in the Philippines and can be found even in small towns. The grow and demand of international restaurants in the Philippines was elevated since the big shopping malls upgraded their food courts and more and more international restaurant chains found their places at SM Malls, Ayala or Robinson Malls, the 3 big Shopping Malls in the Philippines. Since then international cuisine got more and more attractive not just for visitors and foreigners who have chosen to live in the Philippines. Filipinos are now enjoying best international and Asian cuisine restaurants.

Restaurants in Cebu

Quite not easy to introduce the best restaurants in Cebu, too many different tastes and likings. A great choice of restaurants offers the Ayala Mall (picture above) in Cebu. Lets break it a little bit down to the different international cuisines and menus.

The best steak house in Cebu is without any question for us, David's Steak house, which offers freshly prepared steaks. Eat all you can if you wish. Google for it and you will know where to find it. The best Greek restaurant can be found in Ayala's Town center terraces, the Cyma Greek Taverna. The Haruhay Resort at Mactan Island Cebu, comes with a German restaurant with an Austrian German menu to chose from. They even provide one of the best fresh oven baked pizzas in town.

As we just started our Philippines best service simply come back from time to time and see which restaurants in the Philippines we added to our choices for you.


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