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Best resorts in the Philippines

Philippines best resorts

Since the Philippines have more than 7100 Islands, it's quite hard to focus just at a few. So we decided to introduce the best hotels and resorts by the regions or Islands where there are located. Our focus are the Visayan Islands as you will find out. But step by step we will introduce you the best resorts all over the Philippines.

The best resorts in the Visayas

We do introduce the different Islands in the Visayas. Not all of them, but the best. Find out what are the differences between the main Islands in the Visayas and find the best resorts, hotels and small private pension houses.

The top resorts in the Philippines

Stop by from time to time and see which resorts we have added. Be asured that we will present you only those resorts where you will be fully satisfied in terms of service and price. Sorted by destinations and with additional insights, why those resorts have been picked.

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In the meanwhile, while our list of the best resorts is growing, read more about the Philippines at our private online travel guide.

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Take a tour through Philippines best resorts, hotels and private pension houses

We started to present you those islands, where we have been already. If you go through the Navigation on the left side, Philippines best islands are listed.

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