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best places to live in the Philippines

Philippines best places to live

The Philippines are out of question one of the best places where to live and start a new life. Which places in the Philippines are best for you? That depends on your needs! If you still need to start through and having a new business you might chose the bigger cities, if you like to retire and you don't have the need to earn your living costs anymore, then you are most independent and you might chose the best place which fits to your retirement money.

The best places to retire in the Philippines

If you like to retire in the Philippines, you might chose a location which provides you best with your needs and fits best to your interests. Chose a place which provides you with the best health care and hospitals and which gives you the widest range of satisfaction for your autumn of life.

Cebu is such a place to live in the Philippines

Cebu City and the whole Cebu Island is quite a good choice to live in the Philippines. The central location, the variety of different offers in the City or at the more remote places at Cebu Island are just few arguments. It's the diversity of cultural life, shopping opportunities, small nice beaches, adventures places which make Cebu Island a good place to live. Cebu is also more safe in terms of natural disasters like typhoons, tzunamis and earthquakes.

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Read more about Cebu at our private online travel guide and find out why Cebu is one of the Philippines best places to live.

The mountain regions at Luzon?

Luzons mointain region is quite a good alternative to live and retire in the Philippines as the climate is in average way more cooler and the humidity way less. This comforts especially elder people who don't like the sticky hunidity close to the cities in the Philippines. Tagaytay and Bagio are such places. Visit the links and if you are not a German, choose your language for translation.


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