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Photography lessons in Cebu

If you like to learn the basics of photography and how to make astonishing pictures with your SLR camera this 4 hours phorography course is probably the best you can find. In just 4 hours you will understand your camera settings, the basic rules of photography and you will improve your results drastically. After 4 hours you will be able to tell your camera what to do and you will be independent from the automatic settings. If all is done by the cam, the results are average, now your pictures will stick out of the crowd.

A lifely 4 hours photography lesson for only 1000 PHP held in Lapu Lapu City. For your 1000 PHP you can invite up to 3 more people and learn together and share your costs if you wish.

Add 500 peso if you want the photography lessons to be held in Cebu City.

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Tell us: How much would you like to know the basics of professional photography in just 4 hours?

Did you know that you can even improve your pictures while using just your smart phones camera?

If you want to learn to get btter results for your pictures taken with your smart phone, you are heartly welcome to join our 4 hours photography course one on one or together with 3 more freinds of yours.

One thing we can promise you right now our lessons won't be boring, you will learn at live examples and you will see your improved results. 4 hours learning is all what it really takes. Nothing more nothing less.

NEW: Learn how to take aerial pictures or videos using a drone!