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Palawan Island

Palawan Island is the home of the underground river. The capital Puerto Princesa is called the city in the forest. For a good reason, since Palawan is still widely untouched and the rainforest covers more than 80 percent of Palawan. The Honda Bay awaits you with small islands which one can reach by small boats. Tropical beaches and a diverse underwater live make Palawan one of Philippines best Islands.

The best resorts at Palawan

The Dangkalan Resort is our best resort at Palawan. It's close to Puerto Princesa, located at the beach side has clean and airconditioned rooms for one of the best room rates at Palawan Island. For those who like to stay close to the City, The Legend Hotel provides you with a comfortable accommodation and a breathtaking breakfast.

Palawan's top activities

Beside diving and snorkeling Palawan is a good destination for adventurers who like to explore the beauty of an almost untouched Island. Several Hot springs and of course the underground river are a must visit. If you don't want to explore Palawan of your own, Noel and his family are the best tour guides.

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