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Lazada is our choice

Online shopping in the Philippines?

Online shopping in the Philippines is quite a real alternative way to find and buy what you like. But since E-Bay and Amazon seems to struggle to get into it, online shopping was not always that pleasure as it should have been. Easy, reliable and a full service. The same quality as I was used to in Europe. The big players in online shopping have not yet brought this to the Philippines, so I had to look out for something different.

Lazada is the best online shop in the Philippines - pay cash on delivery

As it turned out Lazada is the best choice for online shoppers. The best is, that one can pay cash on delivery using the easy to handle online shop of Lazada. Cash on Delivery is a safe way to go online shopping. Simple pay at delivery right at your house door. No need to reveal Credit Card information's. Lazada is the Asian equivalent of Amazon and has been growing fast since 2012. Lazada is the best online shop in the Philippines, also because they have the Items on Stock in Manila and they will be shipped as soon your order arrives. Usually it does not take longer than 48 hours as the item knocks at your door.

And if you compare the given prices with those in SM or other malls, you will find them quite competive. Finally Mary and I found a great way to save falling in line at the cashiers desk and we also save some valuable time to spend with the family.

For us Lazada is the best online shop in the Philippines.

Clubshopping saves you a lot!

The original Clubshop Mall is now available in the Philippines. Find a variety of online shops, a great selection of Products and each time you make a purchase, you will receive CASH BACK.

It works like a giant membership reward card and the best of it, all cash rewards come together in one place only, that makes it easy to redeem what is yours.

See what incredible products they have at Clubshop and see how easy it works!



What is your favorite online shop in the Philippines or which experiences you have made with online shopping in the Philippines?

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