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Olango Island bird sanctuary

Olango Island Philippines

Olango Island is situated between Bohol and Cebu. Coral reefs are surrounding Olango island and several fish sanctuaries are close by as well. That makes Olango Island one of Philippines best Islands for snorkeling or dive adventures. The island is just about 10 square kilometers big and several small islands like Nalusuan or Sulpa together with Gilutongan and 3 other small Island paradises which nuild the Olango Island Groups.

Olango Island bird sanctuary or wildlife sanctuary

Olango Island bird sanctuary or wildlife sanctuary Approximately 50000 feathered guests are arriving at Olango Island during the birds migration on their way to Australia. From November until February the bird sanctuary is Philippines best destination for bird watchers.

Olango Island fish sanctuaries and coral reefs

As mentioned above you will find several fish sanctuaries and coral reefs located just few 100 meters away from Olango's shore line. One of the deepest wall dives, the Baring and Mabini Point, are known amongst divers from all over the world.

Accommodation at Olango Island

The Talima Beach resort is our favorite resort at Olango Island. A private Resort with affordable room rates which allow you to stay longer to observe Olango's wildlife and to discover the small surrounding Islands.

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