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Negros in the Philippines

Negros Occident meets Orient

Negros is divided in two regions, the orient and Occident. The landscape of Negros is formed by volcanic activities and tectonic movements of the gigantic plates which have formed our present earth after the continents started to drift apart. This million years lasting event, has formed a spectacular landscape with still active volcanism.

Negros today is a top destination for those who like to explore this variety of flora and fauna at their own, traveling by car or motorcycles is an adventurous tour, while driving along the shore line or crossing the mountains.

Divers do know Negros because of it's fantastic dive sites. Apo Island is just one example which can be reached from Dumaguete or Dauin. Negros is also known for it's caves.

Hiking through the volcano formed landscape is also one of the offers, which one can expect at Negros. While swimming at the beaches, you might get company from sea turtles, who like Negros as much as you will.

The best resorts at Negros Philippines

Resorts one can find along the shore line while having a tour around the Island. The one which just opened is the whitechocolatehillsresort It's a an oasis for relaxation and for sure its gonna be one of the best resorts at Negros. Take a look at the website, if you are not a German, simply choose the google translate service.

If you like more a private atmosphere, and staying a little bit higher than the shore line with a clear cooler breeze, then the private offer of the blue house might suit you best for your stay at Negros in the Philippines.

The sulusunset beach resort in Sipalay is best for travellers on a small budget. The room rates do start at 550 Peso. One of the best white beaches at Negros is waiting for you.

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