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Happy world museum cebu

Which is the best museum in the Philippines?

What if you could have fun in a museum? A family entertaining day? A day whcih you probably will remember for the rest of your live? A museum which takes your breath away? Yes there is one of a kind museum in the Philippines. Combining fun for the entire family and while you go through, you capture all this moments and we are pretty sure you want to share those with your friends at Facebook.

The Happy World Museum in Cebu - Cordova at Mactan Island

The Happy world museum is not a museum as you have it in mind from your school class field trips. It is a combination of fun while you walk through historical events, scenes of historic events or even fantasies.

They call it the miracle art museum for a reason, as when you take photos in front of all those 3D pictures and clever arranged paintings, you will be part of it.

Family entertainment - fun for everyone

Family entertainment philippines

So much FUN we could have posted hundreds of pictures like this one, but really you have to take them all by yourself. Spend 1-2 hours in the miracle art museum. You will need to bring your cameras, mobile phones, selfiesticks and whatever is meant to take pictures. DO NOT forget to charge your batteries.

Well one more thing. You may want to bring a face towel to wipe off the tears caused by so much laughter and fun.

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Visit the Happy World musem with it's miracle art 3d paintings

miracle art museum philippines

Our teachers and historians might disagree and will ask what's the educational effect of a musem full of fun, but what the heck, what's wrong with having fun inside a museum. Invite your best friends, your family to spend some unforgettable hours. You own a resort or hotel? Your guests will be so thankful that you have told them about the Happy World musem here in ebu at Mactan Island.

More than 200k people have liked it already, and we bet there are a lot of teachers and historians among them.

Tell us: What is your favorite museum in the Philippines?