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Moalboal Panagsama beach

Moalboal at Cebu Island

Moalboal is located southwest at Cebu Island. As a small insular it is almost complete surrounded by water. Moalboal is more or less divided into 2 different regions. The one which comes with a nice white beach, White Beach or Basdako, and the other one, Panagsama Beach, where you can find the most bars restaurants and hotels. The small town center does not offer that much entertainment beside the fish market and some places where you can buy some groceries. Less than 30000 people are living in Moalboal.

The traffic is less and the try-cycles are still the most common vehicles for your transportation. Though buses stop and could you drop of or carry you to your next destination. You reach Moalboal by bus from Cebu City for example when you take the bus line from the southern bus terminal for just 180 Peso. You will be there within 3.5 hours. Just make sure your bus is passing Barili, if not your trip will go all around the south tip of Cebu Island. A drop off with a taxi might be more convenient, but it is much more expensive. It's hard to find a taxi driver who would drop you ay your destination at Moalboal for less than 3000 Peso. Hotels and Resorts do charge you with more or less the same amount.

Why is Moalboal one of the best destination in the Philippines?

Though the tourism in Moalboal ist still exaggerating it still kept it's charm as fisher town. It's far more quiet as other places and divers will find a lot of diving spots close to the shore. Freedivers will find perfect conditions as well and beside the scuba dive shops and training centers, you will find quite a few highly recommended freediving schools. Moalboal also has some close by sightseeing spots as well, which one can reach within a few minutes. The orchid garden or the Kawasan Falls just 20 kilometers away from Moalboal. Good for a day tour between your dives if you want.

What else is best in Moalboal?

Mountain bikers and other adventurous sportive people will find great offers to explore the nature around Moalboal or even at Negros Island. Waterfall climbing, hiking tours and other activities are waiting for you and that makes Moalboal best for young and sportive people.

Fine dining at Moalboal

czechinmoalboal, fine dining restaurant at MoalboalAs you can see you don't need to miss fine dining at reasonable rates at Malapascua. The Czechinmoalboal is a very small restaurant at Panagsama Beach. It is operated by a Chef from Czech who worked for severeal international cuisines before he settled in the Philippines. The atmosphere is quite nice not that stiff as in usual fine dining restaurants.

Best Girls bars in Moalboal

Moalboal is not that much known for it's night life. It's more famous for it's diving spots. So it is not a surprise that the girls bars are less and different to those bikini bars in Cebu, Manila or Angeles. Do not expect to much. The best girls bar so far is the 5R at Panagsama Beach. Just a little bar right beside the Backpackers lounge.

The best resorts and hotels at Moalboal

The moalboal-beach-resort is quite the best choice, since it is located at the more quiet part of Moalboal close to the white beaches. The tipoloresort offers comfortable accommodation at a lower price. It is located close at Panagsama Beach and several bars and restaurants are close by. Be aware that on Saturdays, there will be party right beside the resort.

One can find accommodation for a smaller budget as well in Moalboal. Backpackers know it and if you don't need a place right at the beach, you can get a nice clean room for about 1000 Peso.

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