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Live music in the Philippines

This chapter is special. We will start to introduce places in the Philippines where you can find Live music. That can be small bars and restaurants, public places and events or concert halls. To make it short we want to help you to find nice music entertainment close to your location.

How to find restaurants or bars with live music in the Philippines

Unfortunatly plenty of places who present live music do not have their own website or not even a facebook page. That makes it sometimes hard to find them. Some of them who have such own pages, might even not exist anymore, or due to a change in the ownership the name has changed as well.

We will add those places one by one and we are going to start to introduce which we personally know here at Mactan Island where we are living and in Cebu, where we are used to hang out as well.

More places with live music will follow soon

The other regions will be presented with the help of friends in Manial, Puerto Princesa, or where ever they found a great pace to hangout while listening to live music on stage in the Philippines.

You know a place with live music? Do you own a bar or restaurant in the Philippines?

You may contact us, or leave a comment and we will come back to you. ASAP.