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Ivan Joseph

A full time musician and Philippine Legend. Experience on stage since decades. Toured through 21 states in the USA, played in multiple bands and has dedicated his entire life to music.

Now actually performing at the Slabadu music cafe in Cebu. You meet him every Saturday between 7.30 PM and 9.30 PM. Playing Solo electric guitar and sings the songs from the 60ies - 80ies.

Ivan's music record studio

Ivan offers multiple services. His own record studio is located at Macran Islands. Professional digital recording. No matter if it is a complete new music Album, just a single song or a short jingle for professional advertising, Ivan does the sound mixing and arranging and recording for professional use.

EB Cavan Music Production & Recording Studio

Talent coaching by Ivan

Ivan prepares you to take the next step to become a professional musician. He knows how to win song contests like "THE VOICE". Want to know what it takes to become a professional? Ivan takes you to the TOP. Experience, patients and his professionalism guaranteeing success.

Contact IVAN Joseph:

EB Cavan Music Production & Recording Studio

Musician, Composer, Musical Arranger,Sequencer Programmer

per E-mail: ivanjodum2(at)

Cellphone: 0063 0932 9131849

Video: Laurent Chappaz - taken at Sun of a beach Resto Bar -

Sequencer programming