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About Philippines best live bands & solo Musicians

This service is inspired by our passion for Philippine bands and solo musicians. With our service we like to introduce them to the whole world. Not just to tell everyone about them, also giving talented bands and musicians the opportunity to become more known and more frequently booked local and abroad. We are happy to introduce you to our service together with our old time friend Ivan Joseph, not just a Philippine music legend, singer, song writer and music mentor, also as guiding hand for you to succeed and fullfil your dream as professional artists.

Informations for live bands and musicians

No matter if you are a band or a solo musician, if you want to introduce yourself as one of the bests, simply go ahead and read more about our service. Do you have what it takes to be a professional music group or single artist to be hired abroad and local. You like to get paid like a professional, overseas or regional? Introduce yourself or your band to us, apply or contact us first and we will create a short web page about your live band or about you as solo musician. Just one way to become a professional artist.

For whom is our service meant for?

No matter if you are a local band or musician located in the Visayas (Cebu), which is where we are located, or in one of the other regions in the Philippines, as long you really want to be professional and you are willing to work for your success, you are welcome to apply and we will come back to you asap.

Ready to play overseas?

Do you have what it takes to play in foreign countries? Playing for international Hotels and Cruise Liners?

Ivan Joseph has dedicated his entire live to music, collected experiences all over the world, he toured through 21 states in the USA and he knows what it takes to become a professional live band or solo musician.

You are in good hands, simply apply as featured live band , singer or solo musician and we come back to you. You will find out if you are ready to play on international stages and start a carreer as professional.

Looking for a GIG in your region?

No matter if you are willing to play abroad or if you are looking for a GIG in your region, you may proceed and introduce yourself or your band to the world. It always helps to be found in google, don't you think?

Looking for a band?

Even that can be arranged, tell us what you are up for and we try to find a band which might look for your talents.

Want to hire a band or solo musician?

Feel free to contact us, we bring professionals together, finding the best fit for your events. Local and overseas.

Sharing is loving

Our service is new, just went online, give us some time to make it perfect and complete the entries for the bands and solo musicians.

You know someone who might like our service? Share this page to your friends! is presented by

Mary & Klaus together with Ivan Joseph.

Ivan Joseph, Musician, song writer, talent coach - a philippine legend!

Laurent Chappaz:

Big fan of live music in th Philippines. -Talent SCOUT- from France

If you see him talk to him about our service.

visit his youtube channel! Probably you'll find a video of your band there already!

How to introduce your live band or yourself as singer and musician?

Simply fill out the application form and we will come back to you asap.

The form should be filled as much as possible. Read some further instructions at the form page and you will see that it is so much more easier as you might think.

Need a GIG, a record , or just a little advice?

Visit JR's consulting group