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 Italian Restaurant in the Philippines and in Cebu Picture show Alfredo in his Swiss Italian Restaurant in Cordova

Italian Restaurant in the Philippines

To find an Italian Restaurant in the Philippines is not that hard anymore as years before. As you know Pizza is not just Pizza and Italian cuisine is not just pizza at all. Those chains like Pizza Hut or Yellow Cab Italian restaurants originated first in the Philippines but their Italian Menu is quite focused at an Italian styled Pizza and far away from being a real Italian restaurant. Nowadays original Italian restaurants can be found in those places where Italians have settled and have built up their own restaurants. Their you can find original Italian food and a menu which does not just have Pizza on it.

Swiss restaurant in the Philippines

An original Swiss restaurant in the Philippines is hard to find and as of now we are lucky, that we can find a Swiss menu here at Mactan Island. It is located in the Barangay Sangi in Cordova, which officially belongs to Cebu and not to Lapu Lapu City as one might think. But wait, there is more to tell about this Swiss restaurant. In fact this is a..

Swiss Italian restaurant in Cebu - Cordova

Alfredo and Lumin have combined the Swiss and Italian cuisine and are offering their extra ordinary culinary specialties in their Swiss Italian Restaurant in Cordova Cebu. When it comes to fine dining the Abaca Restaurant here at Mactan Island is known among the people who are looking for fine dining, but Alfredo and Lumin do offer more than just a fine dining experience. First of all their Swiss and Italian specialties are quite more affordable, but most important, it is not just a restaurant with the typical feeling and ambiance. You feel at home. Alfredo is cooking right in front of you. Everything is prepared fresh with hand picked ingredients right in front of your eyes. It's like sitting in a traditional home kitchen with family and friends. The Swiss Italian menu is simply awesome.

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