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Pandanon Island

Philippines best Islands

To find Philippines best Islands is quite not that easy as there are more than 7100. Also, you might have different interests why you want to find the best island in the Philippines. Some are close to the main islands, like Pandanon Island which can be reached within 2 hours using a small boat when you are leaving from Mactan Island.

Malapascua Island

If you want to encounter tresher sharks and manta rays, Malapascua is Philippines best Island to visit. It's just a small Island located at the north tip of Cebu Island. Malapascua is all about diving nothing more nothing less.

Bantayan Island

Bantayan Island is our favorite Philippine Island, since it is close to Cebu, easy to reach and the price level is not that high. Small private pension houses and resorts are offering a high value for people like us with just a small purse. No need to kill the piggy bank to have a nice time at Bantayan Island.

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