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hang out and resto bar in Cebu Philippines

What is the meaning of hang out?

Hang out is a term used by younger folks and means nevertheless as sitting together with friends, having a talk and enjoy being together. Since Google named their online chat "Hangout" the term is more widely known to meet online via video conference. That's why even old folks getting used to it. In terms of places, a hang out is where you still can expect to meet young people mostly after work or at weekends sitting together. Now you know the meaning of hang out.

What does resto bar mean?

In a strictly way of explanation, a resto bar is a bar styled in a theme of the 50ies up to the 60ies. A resto bar comes with music entertainment like the old fashioned music box or acoustic live music. In the Philippines of course sometimes karaoke machines do replace those and people do the singing by themselves. Also the times have changed and the styles are mixed. The term has more changed to be used for "restaurant and bar".

The best hang out and resto bar in Lapu Lapu– Philippines

SUN OF A BEACH is just a small place with less than 30 tables located close to the H-Mall. When you see the big GUITAR you are there.

SOB is one of those resto bars which do more fit the old fashioned style with live music instead of karaoke or disco music. Live music at Thursday, Friday and Sunday. Monday is open mic. To see more abd being updated, you may connect with:

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