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french fries in the Philippines

Son of a bitch or Sun of a beach?

Well that's easy Sun of a Beach is the new name of the small resto bar here at Mactan Island in Lapu Lapu City. The former Dionnes place is now owned and operated by Søren, a Danish guy who had chosen to do something good here close to our place at the corner of Pajak Road going to SAAC.

The Restaurant now offers quite a nice selection of international and local food at reasonable prices. Beside that it just feels homy and people like to catch up there, exchanging news and stories and playing pool billiard. But why it is introduced at our Philippines Best collection?

Best french fries in the Philippines and best choices of potatoes at any style

You will say whats the fuzz about potatoes or even about french fries? Well you will understand the answer only if you have tried the Crispy or regular Fries hand cut sun of a Beach style.

That's the time you realize that french fries are more than just potatoes. Fresh made, hand cut and fried in fresh oil. There is a difference and you will taste it.

Best choice of potatoes in Cebu Philippines – Mactan Island

Your choice of potatoes any style for every day of the week. French fries, Mashed, Bola Bola (croquette) Roesti (siwss-danish style), baked, boiled pr pan fried potatoes, and always the best choice available.

And if that wouldn't be enough what is best, then let us tell you, if you chose to come by with your own car, really there is a parking lot waiting for you.

That said, come by asap, enjoy your dinner, meet some friends make new ones and tell everybody you just had the best french fries you ever had. Not to forget all choices of potatoes are available for as low as PHP 85.

Also have a fresh brewed danish coffee or swing by for a fresh fruit shake. See you there.

Tell us: Where did you find the best french fries in the Philippines

Have you ever had such choice of potatoe sidings in the Philippines?

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