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Mary's best choices

Mary AnnHi, that's me Mary Ann and Klaus, obviously my best choice is right beside me.

We are living in Cebu Mactan Island and reside in Lapu Lapu City, as you know, here at Klaus introduces simply the best.


Here at this page I am going to introduce my Forever Living products.

My recommendations to choose from

Hubby and I are very concious about what we eat and how else to keep ourselves in a good shape. Doing some out door sports like tennis or swimming is one of those ways to keep us healthy.

Forever living products are our daily add ons to our healthy life. Of course not all of them as our diet is quite healthy, however some nutritions are hard to get enough from by just having good meals.

Aloe Vera is our first choice

out of the wide range of healthy products, Aloe Vera is very important to us, that's why I have dedicated an entire page to it. Check it out.


Why forever living products?

There are quite a few branded or unbranded companies out there, but a lot of them have already vanished and some of them turned out just being scams. Forever Living is established, has offices and shops all over the world. Products are easy to access and are being tested and improved since more than a decade.

Also, we never had an issue, with any of their deliveries and the stuff s friendly and helpful. Since quite a while, Forever Living products can be purchased online and will be delivered directly to your doorsteps. No time wasted in traffic jams and available 24/7.

Members advantages

Beside the carefully chosen products, Forever Living offers members, discounts. One only needs to become a member while following this link, then you start saving on their great products.

If you like you could even refer your friends and family, and you will get rewarded from their purchases as well. One way to make a nice sideline income.

My Husband and I use those rewards to purchase our monthly products which we have chosen to help us to live healthier and feel better.

Join here to insure you get your discounts.

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