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dive safari philippines

Philippines best dive safari

Scuba Diving with Jens Hofmann will give you Philippines best dive safari experience in Cebu Philippines. Not just that you will be lead to the most beautiful diving spots, you can avail a full Padi diving course or even diving adventures for your kids.

Best dive safari located at Mactan Island

The speciality of Jens Hoffman is not just giving you one of the best diving experiences around Mactan Island and in the whole Visayas in the Philippines, infact if you are family oriented, but not all of your loved ones, like diving in deep waters, the team of Jens Hoffman takes care of them and offers guided tours to beaches at nearby Islands. That's why Mactan Island is quite the best homebase for your diving adventures.

Dive safaris in the Philippines

Dive safaris in the Philippines are one of the most reasons to come and visit the country with its highly diverse underwater life. Corals and tropica creatures of the ocean in crystal clear water. Tropical beaches nearby and diving spots for any skills. Beginners and specialists are going to enjoy the dive safaris in the Philippines.

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