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FREE advertising for local business in the Philippines

We have felt we need to do something to make it easy for local business owners in the Philippines to introduce their products and services to be better recognized among the flood of products which are offered by thousands of people with products not originated in the Philippines.

Therefor we have started to build our own classified ads service, strictly for advertisers who offer a product handcrafted or manufactured in the Philippines or such as you and us who offer services.

free classified ads for local business in the philippines

It is a free service and it is NEW and UNIQUE, as we will check upon all classifieds which have been posted and we will dismiss any advertisement which offers NON Philippine products or such services which are not listed.

So if you have a small business or offer a private service you are welcome to make use of our free service. You are even allowed to add a link to your existing website where the product or service is listed and if you only have a facebook page yet, you may refer to that one. This is a great feature as well to create backlinks to your pages but it is not mandatory at all. It is up to you.

How to use our free classified service as someone who is looking for products and services in the Philippines?

Well that is the easiest thing to do. You only need to visit this link and you can start searching. However, if you wish to contact the seller you have to create your members account first.


FREE classified ads for your business in the Philippines

How to use our free classified ad service as business owner?

You will first have to create an account. Then you will receive an e-mail to verify that it is you who created that account. After that you can login to your account and you can start creating your classified ads. Simply click on PUBLISH YOUR AD FOR FREE at the top of your members page.

Therefor you will be asked to chose a category. Chose only out of the given choices and If you think, that your product or service needs to have it's own category, you can contact us and ask for it. We will be happy to work together with you on those matters. DO NOT POST in Categories which do not fit your description, the listing will be deleted.

After choosing your correct category, you can start to introduce and describe your product or service. Leave as much details about the product and services and leave details how you want to be contacted, like your phone numbers or websites where the product can be purchased. You have enough space to do so (5000 characters).

Also you may add 1 picture of your item.

When you have filled all those details, you can save your post and you may have to verify the listing. Take a look into your emails inbox. Check your spam folder as well and add our service to your contact list.

You can edit your advertisement at any time while logging into your account. For now listings will expire after 90 days.


Tell us: How do you like the idea to create a free service for local business owners products and services from the Philippines only?