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best places to live in the Philippines

Cebu Island

Cebu Island impresses the most by it's diversity of opportunities. Green mountain regions, beautiful located villages and the mixture of city and country side lifestyle close by each other. One can find resorts and hotels and private accommodation all across Cebu Island without beeing far away and isolated from the advantages of the big City Cebu where one can digg into the cultural life at it's best.

The best resorts at Cebu Island

For those of you, who like diving and snorkeling and who don't need a white sandy beach for long walks we do recommend the Tipolo Beach Resort located in the small Villlage of Moal Boal.

Cebu Island small private pension house

The best small private pension house you will find in the City of Liloan, located just few kilometers north of Cebu City. Far enough from the bustling City and close to one of the most renown diving spots in the Philippines - the sunken San Juan ferry. The Sculpture Garden Resort is also close to Papa Kid's adventure park, where you can cross the lagoon of Liloan with one of the longest Ziplines in the Philippines.

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