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Suzuki Multi Cab or Mini Van

Philippines best car

Outstanding like the legendary VW beegle. The Suzuki Mini Van drives and drives. The most seen car on Philippines streets for a good reason. Philippines best car is cheap and easy to maiintain. One can find a mechanic in every city and spare parts are available at your convinience at low prices.

Suzuki Multi Cab or Mini Van

The Suzuki Multicab and Mini Van are rebuild in the Philippines from parts of used cars. Every part has been cleaned and reassembled by mechanics in the Philippines. One can find spare parts in every city, the maintenance costs are low and in case something goes wrong you can find someone who knows how to repair the Suzuki Mini Van. The Multi Cab is available in different models. As Pick up Van, Half pickup and as Passenger Mini Van. Up to 8 Passengers do fit in, and as family car it provides you with all your transportation needs.

Suzuki Mini Van 660 ccm with air-condition

Ok, the air-condition is not that effective as you expect from a modern vehicle, in fact, one even has to turn it off if you want to climb a mountain road and it consumes a lot more gasoline if it is turned on. But seriously? Air-condition in the mountains? We enjoy driving through mothers nature to take in the fresh mountain breeze.

Now you know, why the Suzuki Mini Van is Philipines best car.

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