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 european reye bread inspired by german recipe

"Our daily bread" in the Philippines

Start your day with bread. European bread made in the Philippines by German recipes. No doubt, bread is a healthy choice not just for breakfast as it is rich on nutrition and the European recipes do content way less sugar as the average bread made in Asia. And compared to the sweet white bread it's even more cheaper as you think, because it is simply more rich. For example the "Philippine" Pandisal (bread roll) offered in so many Julie's bake shops is available at 5 Peso. A German bread roll costs 8 -10 Peso, but you need 2 Pandisal to get the same amount of carbon hydrates.

Where to find the best bread in the Philippines?

If you are lucky, to live in Cebu Mactan Island, your best bread is just around the corner. The Haruhay Dream Resort is not just baking bread for their own guests, it is available for you and me every day fresh and always yummy. The Resort is located in Lapu Lapu City, Marigondon Beach Road close to the famous Plantation Bay. Easy to find, easy to reach.

This bread you can now pick up in Lapu Lapu City.

You like to see where to buy it? Or how to contact the Haruhay Resort?

Here is the bread shop!

Here are the contact details.


Spelt bread in the Philippines available in Cebu – Mactan Island

Not yet heard about spelt bread? It's a bread based on ancient grain. Rich on nutrition and is coming back to a new popularity world wide, not just in the Philippines.

Tell us: Where do you buy your best bread in the Philippines?