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Philippines best Blogs

Here we are gathering information's about Philippines best blogs. Blogs are definitly a great source to find helpful informations about the Philippines, the people, the latest events and latest trends. News about the Philippines or simply private expressions from those who created the Blog.

Philippines best travel Blogs

Since the Philippines tourism industry is one of the fastest growing local economy, more and more travel blogs are being created. We like to sort things out and trying to introduce only the best travel blogs. Like Explore the Philippines or the EXPAT Blog.

Cebu's best Blog

This Photo Blog is our favorite so far, as Klaus loves photography and always appriciates pictures with a high quality. Cebu's Photo Blog is definitly at the list of Philippines best blogs.

Tell us: What is your favorite Blog about the Philippines

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You think your Blog is the best, then feel free to contact us. Submit your article, place an advertisement or get a simple link to your blog.

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