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Keep it simple solutions

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Keep it simple stupid is the saying, and that is what we want to accomplish. Coming up with an even more simple solution as shown in the video which inspired us in the first place. Using as much materials which can be recycled or had been recycled. Also making sure that the costs for keeping a system running and to maintain it at a minimum.

Our DIY simple home aquaponics system for the Philippines

The result is this simple home aquaponic system.

aquaponics home systemsimple aquaponic solution for the Philippines

This is easy to build and maintain, can be build easy by everyone. We will soon provide you with a complete Instruction manual and a list of materials and tools.

plants in soil

Look at our horizontal gravity based aquaponic system at the back of our house.

horizontal aquaponics

Tell us: How much do you like the idea to grow your own food in your front yard.

Our project diary

List of tools and materials to build our DIY simple solution.

Tools Costs
Electric driller + drillset 2,300.00 PHP
door knop drill 260.00 PHP
hand sew 170.00 PHP
sanding paper 20.00 PHP
standard cutting knife 100.00 PHP
silicon dispenser tool 180.00 PHP
summary tools 2,910.00 PHP

empty Gallon water bottle 150.00 PHP
silicon 90.00 PHP
Hose ( make sure it fits to the pump) 20.00 PHP
Pump 3 watts 900.00 PHP
gravel 100.00 PHP
Filter material 50.00 PHP
20 planting pots 60.00 PHP
summary materials 1,370.00 PHP


November 11 2016: First step: We ordered a small 3 watt fountain pump at Lazada as it turned out that they have the best prices and always have stock.

November 19 2016: The pump arrived and we started to buy the parts we need. The hose which fits exactly to the fountain pump, Silicon + Silicon gun, a hand sew, and door knop drill. Other tools we already had no ned to buy those..

November 20 2016 Assembling starts:

First we cut the freshwater bottle into 3 pieces. Then we used the door knob driller to make 2 wholes into the part which is later suppose to be the fish tank. Now we drilled several wholes into the part which had been the top of the bottle to create additional drainage wholes.

After that we used our silicon gun and sealed the drain and fixed it onto the part which will carry the plants. Then we left it alone for 24 hours to let the silicon dry out. All of it took us about 1 hour and a bit including a coffee break.

See all steps in details in our instruction manual - available for download soon.

November 21 2016: The silicon has hardened. Time to test the system, so we filled water and installed the pump. Then we let it run 24 hours just to make sure everything runs smoothly. That took us 30 minutes.

November 22. 2016: We went to buy fish and small – medium sized gravel. The gravel had to be washed properly. Then we drained the TAP water out of the system and added the fish water which came with the fishes. Lucky us the owner gave us an extra pale full of pond water. That's why we could start right away without worries about the water quality for the fishes. The gravel filled up to the top of the planting platform and almost done.

To test the system we use spring onions and we also sew some seeds for lettuce into three seed pods. See the pictures on the left side!

November 25 2016

after 2 daysto days fter

The seeds which we have planted show like this after just few days in the aquaponics system. Clearly the seeds in our aquaponics system have the pole position right now.

December 23 2016

In the meanwhile the plants had developed roots strong enough to be transferred into our gravity based horizontal aquaponic system at the back of our house. There they keep growing.

Inspired of the quick grow of the seeds, we have set up new seeds for lettuce and peppers.

lettuce seeds in aquaponics

December 28 2016

grow plants in aquaponicsAs you can see we have build one more simple aquaponic system to raise some herbs. Therfor we bought just a few mother plants with roots and soil, as soon they grow , we use those to clone new plants, to be placed into our horizontal aquaponic garden.

You see Oregano, Rosemary, Basil and Mint.


Lucky us, we also found a strawberry mother plant which we have added to the back of our house into the PVC pipe aquaponics hanging version - horizontal system.

strawberries grown in aquaponics

Goal one reached, we harvest our own spring onions, they grow pretty well!