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Aquaponic explained

Using fish waste to bring nutritions to the plants roots is an ancient system and is basically what aquaponics stands for. The system is based on a circling water system which brings water from fish ponds into a planting pool which does not contain soil and that water runs back to the fish pond. A self regulated organic plant & fish food production system‎ that is what aquaponics means!

Aquaponics in the Philippines

The way to grow plants soil less is reaching more and more followers in the Philippines. The steady temperatures making it very affordable to build aquaponic solutions. The systems introduced in the Philippines require less energy as one does not need to add light or heat to the plants environment. The climate comes along and provides it – given by nature – so to speak.

Lot's are becoming more and more expensive, space is rare and producing fresh produces like lettuce, herbs and vegetables on small pieces of land or even in a very small backyard has become a great solution.

The Organic Certification Center of the Philippines is approving more and more of this farms which produce fish and plants for the local market. Producing fish is more common for bigger aquaponic solutions.

The beginner and private user often starts out with a common kind of Gold Fish, or simply using their existing koy pond as source to feed their plants with nutritions.

We have read a lot and watched tons of videos at youtube about how to start with our own auaponic food production to make our life a bit more healthy and the way to our fresh lettuce shorter.

We decided to start with an easy system which still has all components to grow lettuce herbs and other fresh produce behind our kitchen window. We don't have much space at our lot, and are going to combine the best solutions which we have seen with our own ideas and probably the best combination out of the flood of information which we have sucked from the internet.

What we have learned so far is, that no matter how big your space is, each aquaponics component can be scaled that it fit's to everybodies needs. If you only want fresh basil for your homemade pizza every week or your daily salad coming out of your backyard. All can be done at small spaces even indoors.

While surfing through the net we came across restaurants which grow theier own healthy fresh food at rooftops, inside airports serving fresh meals like salads and fresh fish directly to guests. Kinda fascinating how aquaponics have changed entire micro econmies. Small farms are rising practically all over the continent and also becoming more and more poular in the Philippines. As the opportunity to grow 4 -10 times more plants during a year while producing fresh fish for the local market or for the near by restaurants is quite obvious as the start up costs are very affordable even for the small budget. The profit on the other hand is remarkeable.


Why do it yourself (DIY)?

Mary likes to cook with fresh produce and how often she comes back from the grocery store just to find out that there is either no stock of fresh lettuce or fresh ripe red tomatoes. Also wouldn't I be just great to go into our backyard and just pick what we like?

No traffic going to the supermarket, no cost for transportation less pollution and how much more fresh a salad can be if it grows right behind your kitchen window?

Our site is meant to inspire others to follow us, producing healthy food. We will document our progress and also are going to lead you to sources which have been useful for us to make your first steps into aquaponics much more easier.

Do it yourself (DIY)

We have been inspired by the video above as it shows the principals of aquponics and made us think, we can do that too.

The following links are very helpful to understand aquaponics. We will keep those updated and you may come back from time to time and see what changes have happened.

Which fish should be used in aquaponic systems?

Which plants are best to start with?

Understand the different grow beds for plants.

Here is a very easy to built and explained complete solution.

Where to buy Tilapia?

We started yesterday together with a dear friend from Denmark.

November 11 2016: First step: We ordered a small 7 watt fountain pump at Lazada as it turned out that they have the best prices and always have stock.

Link to our project diary DIY Keep it simple solution for auqaponics


Tell us: How much do you like the idea to grow your own food in your backyard.