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the claws airsoft team

Airsoft action in the Philippines.

Plenty of airsoft enthusiasts have build associations in the Philippines. Players like to meet in their leisure time. Not seldom they bring their entire family to the air-soft gun ranges or meet at tournaments held all over the country. Now you might think that shooting at each other is a violent sport but in fact it is not, as there are safety rules like in every other sport.

Klaus has attended plenty of those tournaments. Not active shooting like the players, but shooting pictures with his camera. Quite exciting days which we spend together with the airsoft player community.

Mary's brothers Jojo and Allen are real enthusiasts. While in real life just people like you and us, they take airsoft tournaments very serious.

Recue mission

Going into tactical ops as they were real. Rescuing hostages, finding and disarming explosives or capturing the opponents headquarter.

It is amazing to observe their skills and the precision of their actions. Also even while just taking pictures it is a great exercise for brain and body. A real sportive group adventure.

After the tournaments we sit together, having a barbeque with our families. Discussing what just happened, what went wrong and what could be done better next time. It's not really about winning or loosing, it's about playing together and having a great day.

A great day among airsoft shooters looks like this

And truly it is much more fun as playing those online 1 person shooter games. Air-soft shooting is real and quite an exercise.

A sport for adults, who like to compete out doors or indoors 1 on 1 or as a group. Nothing more nothing less.

As real the tournament looks like, as real look the weapons. Of course they are marked as airsoft-guns, but it parts have such a realistic look and players take it very serious how they keep their weapons well maintained and they are always looking for to improve their equipment with Zparts.

Parts have to be from ZpartsAll you need is supplied by Zparts


Jojo and Allen swear on parts supplied by Zparts for the Philippines.

That is Allen

Zparts has a long history in producing parts for the airsoft community all over the world. Known brands are using them for their weapons. They are build to last longer, are very precise and affordable.

Zparts Logo, always look for it

Zparts main office is located in Taiwan. Suppliers and players like their service and punctuality regarding to their deliveries.

When you are looking for parts which last, always check their website first to see if it is available for your weapon of choice.

Here is a list of Zparts products , you will notice that all of them are designed to last long and that they are real improvements for your guns.

How to contact Zparts and where to find them in the Philippines.

Zparts, keeps close contact to suppliers all over the world and the friendly staff answers right away. The community of airsoft–players is welcome to contact them as well.

Do not hesitate to contact them via Facebook

or use the contact options at their website.

Always ask your local dealer for Zparts just like Allen and Jojo.

Where did you buy your Zparts?

Help each other, and tell the airsoft community where you found your Zparts!