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Aerial photographs and videos

No matter, if you like to introduce your business or if you just want some aerial pictures of your property or having your event documented, you can have this for less costs as you think. You don't need to rent a helicopter or plane anymore. The new drone techology keeps your costs at a minnumum. Aerial photographs or videos have become affordable.

Don't be shy, simply contact us, and we will get back to you and we can make you an individual offer. If you are in Lapu Lapu, Cebu City we have special offers.

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Tell us: How cool would it be, to have an aerial video to introduce your business, your event or just your property?

Learn how to fly a drone

Join us for a lesson about how to fly a drone. You will not just learn how to fly them, but also all you need to know about security percausions and of course which tasks you can perform using a drone to take aerial pictures or aerial videos.

Our lessons won't take longer than 4 hours and you are ready to operate your drone safely and you will then have the skills to take astonishing aerial photographs and video documentations. Simply contact us.

NEW: Learn how to take professional pictures with your SLR camera or Smart Phone, one more service to make your pictures stand out of the crowd. Surprise your family and friends how fast you have learned to take pictures like a PRO.