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sailing in the Philippines

Philippines best adventures

The Philippines offer more than just sun, beaches and ocean, infact adventourus people will find a variety of activities. Sailing is just one of them. Waterfall climbing, vulcano hiking, cave diving and cave climbing are often requested and tour guides will show you the Philippines best activities everywhere you want to be in the Philippines. Every region has its own specialities.

Philippines best activities

Sportive people will find group and family activities. In the Philippines you can find some of the best Ziplines, Ocean parks to visit or you simply play tennis, golf and you might like to learn the art of archery. Educational and entertaining offers are waiting for you as well, such like having a sculpting class or a simple lesson in photography combined with a city tour. Anything goes in the Philippines.

Philippines best adventures and tours

Philippines best adventures you probably won't find without a local guide. Gaddie Barro is such a guide. Her specialities are adventure tours and activities in the Visayas. Not that thrilling, but still entertaining are the Cebu tours offered by Mary and Klaus at Cebu Island.

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