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Philippines best islands, resorts

Welcome at Philippines best

Mary and Klaus (we) will guide you through what is best in the Philippines. The top destinations, finest restaurants, outstanding events and all you need to know about the Philippines. A comprehensive Philippines travel guide which points out where to find best priced offers and secrets which we have already disocvered for you.

Philippines best destinations

Explore the Philippines together with us and let us show you where to go, where to stay. The best destinations for your traveler needs. No matter if you like the beaches or mountains, the nightlife or cultural events, we will show you the best destinations, which will fit to your individual travel wishes.

Best places to live in the Philippines

You might like even more than just a vacation to the Philippines? If yes, we show you the Philippines best places to live, work or for your retirement. Find out what you might need to know. Be prepared for your new life in the Philippines.

Best private advertising network in the Philippines

At our pages, you will find offers which we have tried personally and offers of prducts and services which are advertised through our private advertising network. Advertising at gives you quite deep insights, into what you can expect from the Philippines and it's small business owners.

Logon beach at Malapascua Island in the Philippines

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General travel information and tips for your immigration

Since this site is a comprehensive guide about Philippines best, our private online travel guide, gives you all the insights about the Philippines. Find more cheap accommodation, exciting adventures, maps, tips for your immigration or take a look at our private offers for your visit in the Philippines.

Simply Philippines best from A - Z

It's not just us, Mary and Klaus, who are showcasing the Philippines. As more visitor's will leave comments through their Facebook profiles and Fanpages, as more you will find out about the Philippines.